Colibri Natural Moth Repellent Hanging Sachet

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For over 10 years, Colibri has been recognised as one of the leading natural anti moth products in the UK.  

With a fresh, pleasant fragrance without the dreadful smell associated with naphthalene based mothballs, Colibri offers safe and effective protection against moths.

This product has a nice lemongrass fragrance in addition to over 15 other essential oils which naturally discourage moths.

Using them is simplicity itself.  Just remove them from their cellophane packaging and hang them in your wardrobe.  The natural moth deterring aroma permeates the cotton paper offer natural and safe clothes protection.


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Linda 18th Jul 2014

Keeping moths at bay

The Colibri Moth Repellant sachets are excellent - they work well without having the nasty old fashioned mothball smell! Our moths hate them - which is great!

20th Dec 2013

Colibri Moth Repellent

Arrived very quickly and is exactly what I expected

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