Colibri Natural Moth Repellent Pack of 3 Large Drawer Sachets

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Pack of 3 large natural drawer sachets.  

This natural moth repellent will help deter moths from munching on your precious wool and cashmere items.

Made with a complex blend of 15 essential oils which discourage insects in nature, these drawer sachets have a pleasant lemongrass fragrance.  The essential oils are suffused in a fine sandalwood powder which slowly releases the fragrance of a number of months.

 Sold in the UK for the last 10 years they have proven to be an extremely popular natural deterrent against moths.

Simple to use, just take them out of the cellophane packaging and insert them in your drawers.  The product itself, is made of tree saving cotton paper and the fragrance permeates the paper to fill your drawers with a pleasant, fresh fragrance which acts as a natural moth deterrent.


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19th Feb 2013

Moth free

I bought these as replacements for some given me as a gift a year or two ago. I find them very effective at getting rid of clothes moths and my wollens are safe! A nice smell, and very good value. Prompt delivery as well.

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