Which Colibri Fragrance is most effective?

We are frequently asked whether the lemongrass, cedar or lavender sachets are most effective.  As each of the sachets contain the same underlying blend of essential oils, the preference for lemongrass, cedar or lavender is primarily a matter of personal preference as it's the combination of lots of different oils which makes Colibri an effective, natural moth repellent.

It's important to remember that a moths olifactory system is far more highly tuned than our own (experiments have shown that a male moth can track the pheromone scent of a female moth from many miles away), hence the popularity of moth pheromone traps. While it's entirely understandable that we judge whether a moth could smell something based on what own nose can detect, they can detect these essential oils at concentrations that would be undetectable for us.  Overtime, as the fragrance fades it can be a good indicator for us that it's time to agitate the sachets to get the fragrance flowing again or depending on when we purchased them to replace them.

While anecdotally in western europe lavender and cedar have been used for hundreds of years to discourage moths, citronella oil which is obtained from different species of cymbopogon (lemongrass) probably never featured in the moth fighting efforts of our ancestors as these primarily grow in tropical areas and are used to discourage mosquitos.  This historical association probably explains why the lavender colibri sachets and cedarwood sachets are so popular in the UK, even though the lemongrass product was the first natural anti moth product in the range when it was first launched around 25 years ago.

Finding a fragrance that you like, means you're more likely to replace them regularly and use them year round for maximum moth protection.   Fragrance will always be something very personal, you'll likely have your own preference for perfume or aftershave and finding something you like.  The colibri fragrances are formulated with great skill to be both effective and provide a pleasant fragrance to your wardrobes and drawers.