Taking precautions against moths

We don't often think of the value of the clothes in our wardrobe, except when disaster strikes with events like household fires or moth infestations. Yet, the value of the clothes in our wardrobe can be huge. We buy new clothes throughout our lives either because they worn to death or because we love clothes and like to frequently update our wardrobe.

Over time the value of our wardrobe adds up and we quickly realised we have many thousands of pounds invested in our clothes. Generally speaking the fabrics of most interest to clothes moths are natural fabric, quite often the finest and most expensive natural fabrics such as wool, angora and of course cashmere (cashmere is like a Michelin starred meal for a hungry moth).

Given the possibility of thousands of pounds worth of damage due to a moth infestation we strongly recommend you periodically check all is well in your wardrobes and drawers. Our moth bags are a great way to store out of season clothes, providing both a barrier to entry and just as importantly a breathable fabric lined with Tyvek which is used for museum grade fabric conservation to prevent mould growth while you are storing fabrics out of season.

A small investment of time periodically checking there is no moth trouble and some simple precautions such as using moth trap monitors (to indicate if there are moths around) and some old fashioned natural moth repellents could save you thousands of pounds in clothes damage. A wise investment we're sure you'll agree.