Colibri Anti Moth Mini Sachet Cedar Pack of 5 Mini Sachets

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This pack of 5 cedar mini drawer sachets are ideal for scattering in your drawers.  

Made from a complex blend of over 15 essential oils with extra cedar.  They keep your clothes smelling fresh and naturally discourage moths from munching on your precious natural fabrics.

Simple to use, just take them out of the individual cellophane packs and place in your drawers for up to 6 months of natural moth repellent protection.


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Mark 3rd Sep 2015


I have purchased the mini moth protector satchets many times and they are great. I own many woolly jumpers and in the past when they have not been protected they have been destroyed. Therefore this product is ideal for preserving the life of your favourite jumpers. I highly recommend them.

Dee 28th Feb 2013

Lovely smell, I hope it does the job.

Having found three tiny holes in a favourite but infrequently worn jumper recently I came to the conclusion there must be a moth in our wardrobe. I ordered this on Monday late afternoon and Pristine despatched it the same day. The item arrived in the post on Tuesday morning. Could any company better that? I will have no hesitation in ordering from Pristine again. To say I am a satisfied customer is an understatement.

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