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This sturdy 3 bag laundry sorter is ideal to help simply your laundry life.  You can use the 3 large canvas bags to sort your laundry as you go, whether that is by colour, washing temperature, delicates, dry clean only, the room it's from or the person it belongs to etc etc as you can now sort as you go.  The image of you trying to grab all the laundry in two hands like a pair of grabber claws (while losing a few socks on the way...) is something you can consign to the past.  The set of 3 canvas bags can be easily be removed from the unit and carried to the washing machine or if you prefer, you can wheel the entire unit to your washing machine.  Depending on the size of your machine, the bags will likely represent one load (but if your machine is smaller you'll quickly get a feel for how full the bags should be to represent a whole load).

Think of all the things you might  miss if you buy this unit:

- The stray red sock in the white wash.  Now that you're sorting as you go, the chances of that red sock getting into your white wash are vastly reduced.

- Lugging your laundry around the house from the laundry basket to the washing machine, instead of using your new laundry bags with carry handles

- Being able to estimate a glance whether you have enough of one type of washing for a full load (impossible to do when everything is mixed up in a laundry basket)

- Other sorting mishaps - depending on how you use the bags to sort you can try and prevent disasters like washing your dry clean only clothes, putting delicates in with your cottons or other costly laundry mistakes which are so easy to do, but really annoying.


Product Features

*Built from heavy duty, chrome plated steel

* The large canvas bags with carry handles can be easily removed/replaced into the unit for carrying to the washing machine

* Heavy duty wheels for easy movement



78.4cm (W) x 46cm (D) x 81.5cm (H)





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